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10 divine feedback tools – Must chant for the web designers

The main goal of modern day web designers is to connect with the target audience and deliver a best in class user experience. To know whether a set of design or workflow is attracting the audience or is likely to attract a set of audience will only be determined based on some genuine feedback. There are a host of feedback tools available online using which you can get to know whether your designs are likely to pay off or there are modifications required.

Here is the list of some divine feedback tools; you must chant being a web designer:

1. Concept Feedback

Are you sweating out to get the best feedback and recommendation from experts in the field of design and development? Join this very awesome free community and avail feedback from the best industry brains. You are also allowed to review 5 other concepts, enabling you to share your thoughts as well. Experts here give feedback and tips to improvise upon the work, if any such need be.


2. Userlytics

This nicely designed mobile app usability testing tool allows you to undergo usability testing in simple steps. (a.) Set up the test (b.) Get the user testing participants from the Userlytics panel (c.) Check the report in just a few hours.


3. Five Second Test

This is a community of testers. All you need to do is upload your designs and you will receive a large number of first impression feedbacks from testers. You can know the possibilities of correction within the landing pages, ways to optimize the placement of calls to action etc.


4. User Testing

One more quick and efficient way to get the feedback of your designs is User Testing that provides on-demand usability testing. It’s a good alternative to expensive user testing tool that allows you to understand what your target audience is thinking about the designs in easy and inexpensive ways.


5. Feedback Army

Sounds like an entire set of experts waiting to come back to you with feedback like army troops? You are thinking right! Feedback Army allows you to submit specific questions that you would like to get answered from the community. You can get 10 responses or more depending upon the number chosen by you. Within 48 hours of response, you have the right to reject or approve the feedback, post which it gets auto-approved. The tool costs around $40.


6. Criticue

Critics are good evaluators. This free online service allows you to get your website or an app reviewed by a group of intelligent usability experts, designers and coders. Just send in your URL and this smart tool will take a snapshot of the design. If you want to place a customized snap, you can do that too! Amazing isn’t it?


7. Verify

Developed by ZURB, this intuitive app is a handy tool that allows you to test screenshots of your design and gives you insights on scope of improvements on the basis of how users would like to see it before you move further.


8. Usabilla

Quite renowned for its online service, founded in 2009, this tool asks you to submit your website and request feedback from the web developers, usability experts and designers all over the world. You can know what they think about your design and what should be done to improve conversion. A great visual user feedback tool worth chanting!


9. Silverback 2.0

This guerrilla usability testing software for designers and developers allows you to perform usability tests in quick and efficient manner without incurring any additional set-up expenses. It saves a lot of time and is also quite cost-effective.


10. Try My UI

Video is quite a good detour to the normal feedback route. This tool allows you to watch videos of people using your website and find out ways to improve the site. You can mention the tasks that you want the users to perform on your site, kind of user profile you want to showcase your site to and the number of users you want to involve in the exercise. Within a few hours, you will be able to see the video of each user, also see their screen and collect their written feedback or talk through their screens.


These few tools from the monastery will surely help you in getting the right feedback from your audience. If you have explored some other handy tools and want to share your views on them, please do so in the comments below.

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