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Video Marketing Statics

Videos on Website

Gone are the days when creating great videos was a privilege and only accessible to a chosen few such as big brands and advertising agencies. Now you can see videos are everywhere on the web and people are creating and consuming more videos. However, video is a great way to communicate your message to your target audience.

“Online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020.” Click To Tweet

In a world where getting attention is becoming hard and the customer acquisition is becoming expensive, video marketing has evolved as a best way to get more eyeballs. Video can be used as a social currency and people would love to interact and share the video among their network as well.

Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

Video is a powerful and sensational mode of communication and marketing. The trend for videos is hitting levels now and the demand for videos is increasing. But, there are many creative ways to use a video on your website. Let’s have a look at the different ways of using a video on a website:

1. Product Demonstration Videos

Whenever you’re launching a new product and service, it becomes important how you promote it especially when no one knows about it. Create a demonstration video to educate people and let them know why this product or service is made for and how to use it.

When you have made a solid video with clear demonstration then it is easy for people to understand how to use it and take advantages of the product/service.

Let’s have a look at the below video how CrazyEgg have demonstrated the use of its heat map tool in an animated video presentation.

Crazy Egg Video

2. How to Videos

How to videos are the most watched videos on YouTube till date. This is the most watched category for millennials as they want to know everything about the latest technology.

Thrive Themes have incorporated a video about its lead collection plugins Thrive Leads on its website homepage. This video let people discover how this latest plugin can transform the growth of your business. Have a look at the video and start growing your business with better leads.


3. Industry Peeps’ Interview Videos

Showing industry peep’s video on your website can create a difference in user’s mind especially when they are talking about major trends and technology upgrade.

Alert Logic has incorporated an industry expert interview video about security, compliance, and cloud to know how a fully managed security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is different from traditional tools and how it is important to your business.

 4. Awareness/Educational Videos

If you want to spread awareness about any subject or you want to educate people about it then doing it by embedding videos on your website is the right way to do it. Two things- people will know about it and they will know about the procedure and process of how they can be a part of it by their contribution.

The following website ‘24 Hours Earth’ is an immersive journey behind the scenes of a circular economy for a resourceful future. The website invites you to meet with the men and women who imagine the resources of tomorrow working day by day to create a more sustainable future.

Let’s explore the website and decode more opportunities to build a more sustainable future by contributing whatever is possible!


5. Customer Testimonial Videos

Testimonials on a website build the trust with client’s feedback by showcasing credibility. And it will be awesome if you can showcase your client’s testimonials with the help of a video.

99designs, the no 1 marketplace for graphic design which includes logo design, web design, and other design contests. They’ve incorporated client’s testimonial videos beautifully on their website homepage to build trust among their users. have a look at it.


6. Advertisement Videos

Advertisement videos are always awesome as they are short, creative and compelling. The advertisement video conveys the message appropriately in short time of a product/service.

The biggest brand Apple has put ‘Hey Siri, show me my life goal list” video featuring Dwayne Johnson  in an incredible style. Apple created a three-minute and 45-second advertisement for its voice assistant Siri to showcase how easily and efficiently.

Moreover, Johnson is believed to be one of the busiest actor in the industry right now and the video shows how beautifully yet in easily ‘Siri’ manages all your day’s task through voice-based digital assistance. 

Watch-it out and share your experience with Siri here in the comments below!

 7. Live Customer Care Video

Customer care is an important segment where all your worries related to the product you bought from the brand can be answered to implement the solution. And if that can be shown to you with a help of a video what can be awesome than that!

Mercedes-Benz provides live video demonstration to its customers, which is simply awesome.

8. Event Teaser Promotion

Event is something that need to be promoted 360 degrees to get high attention and footfall. Marketers never leave an opportunity to highlight the upcoming events whether its online promotion or traditional marketing style.

In such scenario, if you’re coming up with a website to promote it, then you should have created some good videos to showcase through.

Similarly, EVENTtech by eventmarketer has presented its website in an elegant style powered with videos about the event. The video gives you an idea of the event how social media and technology can blend and enhance live experiences. Watch-out and if you’ve any event coming up in your industry then it’s an incredible inspiration to learn and promote your event with some videos to attract more people to join you.

9. Tutorial Videos

When it is about to guide someone about something especially how to use some tools and techniques then tutorials are the best to explore. How great it would be if someone will teach you with the help of a video, yes, I’m talking about video tutorial.

In the below video Elegant Themes have showcased Divi– the ultimate theme and visual page builder help in creating a compelling look and feel of your WordPress website.

10. About Us Videos

The last but not the least, a video you can incorporate to your website is ‘About Us’ video. Through this video you can showcase your virtues and values or your business philosophy to the audience. Also, you can communicate your message to the targeted audience.

However, showing brand names and clients quotes can also work fine, which actually depends on what you want to communicate by keeping a video on your website homepage.

Make sure to keep the video short and interesting otherwise people won’t get involved no matter how creatively you are showcasing your company and culture. Also, fast loading speed is your concern when your website is having a video, otherwise it will hamper user experience if it takes too much time to load.

Check-out below example how we have placed a video on our umbrella brand Team Monks Inc. website to showcase philosophy and what we believe.

The Future Ahead

Videos are the future of rich media on the web. Static websites are things of the past and users nowadays love to spend time on a website that is interactive or video enabled. Above mentioned top 10 ways of putting videos on a website will increase the engagement level and hence it will result in better conversion.

Let’s start creating a compelling website that interact with your users. WordPress accommodates media rich websites and you can consult with WordPress experts to build an interactive website to present your business in a more convincing style.

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